Wednesday, October 15, 2008

time line.(prototype)


first week : make form of programming.
second week : make control functions.
third week : receive maze(from Artist) make maze.
4th week : make enemy actions.
5th week : make item functions.
6th week : receive sprite(from Artist) make gravity.
7th week : make main page & combine programming.
8th week : debuging.
9th week : final


1th week : make form of sprite.
2~3th week : receive maze(from Designer) draw maze.
4th week : make form of sprite.
4th~5th week : make characters.
5th week : make help page & animations
6th week : make items sprite.
6~7th week : make ending scene.
8th week : make all of sprite concretely(more pretty)
9th week : final


1th week : make maze & make list of sprite and sprite's appearance.
(maze stage1 : 3x3, stage2 : 4x4, stage3 : 5x5)
2th week : find BGM (make list and find)
3th week : concept main page and ending.
4th week : make help pages and other pages.(during 4~5th week)
6~7th week : check BGM and atmosphere with Artist(check harmony).
8th week : 찬양하라 창우교!찬양하라 창우교!!!!찬양하라 창우교!!!찬양하라 창우교!!
9th week : final


denise said...

Ms park, what are you trying to say in Korean?? hmmmm.. Do you want me to translate for you?

Chris said...

hahahaha Mr denise you cant escape in my hand ok?

denise said...

Ms Park... Who are you talking to? I don't know who that person is.. HAHA.