Sunday, October 12, 2008

1st UPDATE: Random details


The main character loses life when:
  1. Being attacked (by creatures & villain)
  2. Get caught in traps
  3. Suffocated => losing O2 (instant death)

  • The main character oxygen supply will decrease as time goes by, but there are things that make it decrease faster:
  1. Doing certain actions => Attacking
=> Evading

2. Picking up fake O2 tank (lose 1/2 bar)

  • The main character can recover his oxygen supply from:
  1. Support Items => O2 tank
  2. Going up to the surface => At LVL 1 ONLY : The Open Sea
  3. Air Pockets => At LVL 2, 3, 4 : Underwater Maze I and II, Shipwreck


Items Policy:
  • Can only hold 1 item at a time
  • Item can only be used once
  • Items weight will affect main character's speed (water physics)
  • Items will disappear at a given amount of time if not taken
SPECIAL POLICY for LVL 4: (treasure!!!)
  1. Main character can drop the treasure chest and it won't disappear, but "Steve"(villain #1) will try to steal the treasure.
  2. "Steve" will try to attack main character to get the treasure, if he got it and reach the finish before the main character, game over.
Items List (Temp):
  • O2 tank
  • Fake O2 tank
  • Treasure Chest
  • Weapons: Starfishes, Harpoons, Octopus/Squid Ink, etc
notes for the ink: can be use for hiding purpose from other wild sea creatures and (maybe) from "Steve".

That's all for now, approval needed, also feedbacks and more ideas please!

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denise said...

Cool details! hahahaha.. i shall be your number one visitor!