Thursday, October 30, 2008


red colour : hurry up.
blue : good&done
green : what are we doing now


first week : make form of programming.
second week : make control functions.
third week : receive maze(from Artist) make maze.
4th week : make enemy actions.
5th week : make item functions.
6th week : receive sprite(from Artist) make gravity.
7th week : make main page & combine programming.
8th week : debuging.
9th week : final


1th week : make form of sprite.
2~3th week : receive maze(from Designer) draw maze.
-stage 1, 2(4x4), 3(5x5), 4(6x6)-(we need discussion about this)
4th week : make form of sprite.
4th~5th week : make characters.
5th week : make help page & animations
6th week : make items sprite.
6~7th week : make ending scene.
8th week : make all of sprite concretely(more pretty)
9th week : final


1th week : make maze & make list of sprite and sprite's appearance.
(maze stage1 : 3x3, stage2 : 4x4, stage3 : 5x5, stage4: 6x6)
2th week : find BGM (make list and find)
-Attack(sword, starfish,ink,harpoon(but we can use sword sound),
Dead, Background(we need more background music your music is not matched our game!), damage, enemy sound(Octopus,Squid,Giant Squid,Starfish,Crab,Puffer fish,
Manta Ray/Sting Ray, Shark(Great White Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Saws hark))
3th week : concept main page and ending.
4th week : make help pages and other pages.(during 4~5th week)
6~7th week : check BGM and atmosphere with Artist(check harmony).
8~9th week : final

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