Sunday, October 12, 2008

Roll Call

TEAM SEAFOOD (change the name when u have better ideas):

PRODUCER: Park Chang Woo a.k.a. (Chris)


DESIGNER: Park Hyung Jun a.k.a. (Joon)

ARTIST: Irene Djitowibowo (don't try saying my last name)

Ook people, the role/position has been established and we had a team name, the project pitch is over so we have to solidify this ideas, improve, and most importantly start working on it.

Everyone is encouraged to make posts and update the stuff in this blog, any question, ideas, sketches, concepts, codes, etc. Please do share and put it on so every team members can see. No need to be fancy, just share anything and we'll give feedback and discuss it during group meeting.

For Chris and Joon, please do post in English, if you had to do it in Korean, do give us translations and notes below it or under a different post.

One more thing, please add labels to the post so it's easy for us to find what we need in the future, this blog's going to get messy!

THANKS a lot ppl and get your gear up!!!

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