Thursday, November 6, 2008


Yay we're saved by Poa Seng during prototype day!

We have to show the "ALPHA" by next Friday, November 14th, so to put it: ALERT!!! (we're screwed > <) As a reminder, all of the group members have to code despite the assigned roles, so here's the coding assignments, DEADLINE ASAP before next Friday:

Poa Seng : Menu, 1/2 main character behaviour
Chris : 1/2 enemies behaviour + trap
(Jellyfish, Octopus, Squid, Hammershark, Sawshark, Arrows, Whirlpool)
Joon : 1/2 main character behaviour
Irene : 1/2 enemies behaviour + trap
(Crab, Pufferfish, Stingray, Great White Shark, Clamshell, Moray eel, High-speed stream)


  • Main character behaviour: Swimming movement, picking up items, taking damage, death, throwing weapons (starfish, ink, harpoon), riding manta ray
  • Enemies behaviour: According to its own species
  • Traps: Moray eel will attack and trap the main character under certain distance, whirlpool will catch main character, spin(rotate), then throw the sprite down

MORE JOB: (!!!)

Prioritize at the job on hand right now then do this:

  • Designer: Design story for cutoff scenes
  • Artist: Draw loading screen and cutoff scenes and bubbles, lots of bubbles!!!
  • Programmer: Code, code, and code...?!
  • Producer: Keep track of everything and make sure things are done for alpha next week!!!

And btw, I'm Chris, I know my writing sounds like a girl but this is still me, my English is so much better now, right?!

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denise said...

Mr Park...

At least you know that you sound like a girl while you type! lol.

Anyway! yes! your English is improving! Good for you!